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top five spring trends in fashion 2018


A new season brings in changes in the weather as well as changes in our wardrobes. Whether it's the crisp air of Fall or the blooming flowers in Spring we all have different feelings that come along with the start of a season. New styles, new colors, and new prints occur in our wardrobes at the beginning of each new season. It all happens all at once and marks the beginning of a new part of the year. The fun part of it all is that it never stays exactly the same; this is what makes fashion so much fun. We are excited to share some of our favorite trends we are seeing everywhere for Spring 2018. 

Here's what we love this year:

 1. Pastels

lavender pastel distressed denim shorts

We love pastels, from the baby blues to the flamingo pinks. Pastels are the new neutrals and they are prettier than ever this season. We have featured this pastel shade of purple above on our favorite denim shorts. A link to these shorts right here.    

 2. Florals

floral pink somper for spring and summer 2018

Florals are a wonderful print to welcome us into Spring. We have blooming flowers outside, so why not wear them as well? Check out this beautiful flowy and flowery romper right here. 

 3. Stripes 

Stripes are an American statement print. They will always be a print that we love so much. This dress we have featured is made with the softest fabrics right here in the USA. Check it out right here. 

 4. and 5. Polka Dots and Ruffles

polka dot shorts and ruffle blouse

Polka dots are chic and everywhere this year; on dresses, shorts, or skirts, polka dots are all over the place. Check out these polka dot shorts right here. 
Ruffles are everything to us, they are happiness and they are the simplest detail that sparks the entire outfit. These two paired together represent what Spring is to us. Wear it everyday or to an Easter get together. Check out this top right here. 

 Thank you for reading and we hope you love our latest and favorite Spring picks for 2018. Be sure to tag us on Instagram with the hashtag #shopkeally and we will enter you into our next giveaway.